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Advertise Your Business

If you run a business in East Boldre or East End, you can publicise your services on these pages. There is no charge for this service. Simply e-mail:

This business section is provided for information purposes. The web author and East Boldre Parish council do not, by allowing local businesses to be listed in this section, in any way endorse those businesses or the goods and/or services offered by them. In particular we cannot take responsibility for:

  • the accuracy and/or completeness of any information relating to the listed businesses and which is provided by those businesses for listing, or their websites
  • the quality of goods, work or services of any of the listed businesses
  • any contract for goods or services you may enter into with any listed business.

Local Business Section

Click here to visit New Forest Estates website.

East Boldre Garage for all your motoring

needs. Tel: (01590) 612259

Click her to find out about Pilates and Yoga classes in the area, and other ways to keep fit.

John Graves FCA: Chartered Accountant.

Click here for help with your business, VAT, tax, payroll, property purchase, etc.

Grant Bailey Renovations for all your building and property services.

Click here for a list of holiday cottages in this area.

Hels Kitchen for all your catering needs.

Click here for Lentune Mortgage Consultancy Ltd.

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Goodalls Pick Your Own farm in Lymington will be open from 1st May to mid July. PYO Strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries and much more.

Click here to go to the New Forest Healing web site. New Forest Healing: Healing for animals & people. Also offering various therapies for phobias, performance enhancement and other issues

The Nail Shak, East Boldre.

Everything your nails need and Fish Pedicure.

Click Here

New Forest Oak Buildings

New Forest Oak Buildings

Phone: 01590 700 055    Email:

New Forest Oak Buildings Lawn and Hedge Care

Supergrass Lawn and Hedge Services

Phone 01590 626339 or 07501 486357 for a complete lawn & hedge cutting maintenance service.

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